If I have SMP will people know I’ve got a head tattoo?
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When SMP Goes Wrong
How can SMP go wrong and how we fix it!
March 27, 2020
permanent makeup tattooed eyeliner
Permanent Makeup Tattooed Eyeliner
April 9, 2020

This is a question I get asked quite a lot. For a lot of people, the thought of looking like they have just got an obvious scalp tattoo is very concerning. Between sessions I ask all of my clients if anybody had noticed their new look. Almost all of them would say no, no one has and sometimes even their own families hadn’t noticed it. I love hearing this because it means I'm delivering an undetectable result.  The reason they hadn't noticed was because it didn't look fake and unnatural.  it's not overdone and can always be added to. 

So How Do I Make Sure I Get SMP That Is UNDETECTABLE?

As an SMP artist, the best jobs are the ones that are undetectable to the eye and by your SMP Technician skilfully maximising on the unique 3D SMP techniques to the best result”. The correct pigment shades have been used, the needle sizes used match the size of the clients stubble and the new SMP tattoo matches the existing stubble density all blending together to create an outcome you are proud to be seen with. If you are considering SMP, ask to see close ups of their recent work and look to see how natural it is in appearance. Are you able to see clearly what is SMP and what are the real hair follicles? Does the SMP blend in well with the natural stubble? Pay attention to hairlines, do they look natural and undetectable or do they somehow look not quite right? It is important that hairline shape looks age appropriate not only now but in 5 - 10 years from now, there is no point putting a teenage looking hairline on a 50 year old! 


So as you can see in the pictures below, if you get your SMP done by a professionally trained SMP artist that takes pride in their work, then achieving natural looking undetectable results is what we do on a daily basis!