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October 15, 2018
Permanent Makeup - the benefits of cosmetic tattooing
Permanent Makeup – What really are the benefits of Cosmetic Tattooing
May 11, 2020

One of the popular cosmetic tattooing options for permanent makeup is eyeliner, we're seeing more and more ladies opting for this treatment every month.

As it can be applied either to the top or lower lash line, with different styles and techniques, you can create the look perfect for you.  While getting tattooed around the eyes might sound scary, it is actually very quick, and as safe as any other cosmetic tattoo.

Whose getting eyeliner tattoos? 

Permanent eyeliner is extremely popular amongst women with sensitive eyes, and those who can’t get their perfect eyeliner shape.  We all know how annoying that can be, so now you don't need to worry, your eyeliner can be just right, Every Day!

How do you get the right eyeliner design? 

The aim of Tattooed eyeliner is to create a fresh-looking enhancement to open and define the eyes. We specialise in creating a very natural looking enhancement which is what most clients choose because they are looking for a natural looking lash line or eyeliner – yet all our work is customised so we can create the precise look that you want to achieve. We consult with you about your individual needs and style that you would like to achieve.

What colour do we use? 

We quite often get asked if there are different colours or is it always black?  There are different colour options and it's best to get the right one for your skin tones.  A good cosmetic tattoo specialist will consult with you about the best colour for you - that’s what we always do.

In the first session, we are cautious applying your colour so as not to overdo it and to be sure you like the colour as it settles in over the first 2 weeks. In the second session we will add more colour and fine tune the shape. This process ensures that your results will be great. Your eyeliner will look great after the first session but will look even better after the second appointment.

How bold should my permanent makeup be?

Ok so that makes sense, but how bold should my permanent makeup be? The thickness of your permanent eyeliner will determine how bold or dramatic its appearance will be. Take a moment and think about whether you want your eyeliner to be thick, thin, or somewhere in the middle. The tattooing starts within the eyelashes, this gives the eyelashes a thicker fuller look.

  • Eyelash enhancement is an extremely subtle application of the tattoo. It can be done either as a thin line that does not leave the lash area or as a dot at the base of each eyelash. This does not give an eye-‘liner’ look, but more of a subtle darkening and thickening of the eyelashes. This is also great for those who want their eyes to be more noticed but not have a line.
  • Thin eyeliner is great for women who want a more natural look but still want the boldness of a line. Even a very thin line can make the eyes pop in a natural, attractive way. This is an excellent option for women who don’t wear a lot of makeup.
  • Medium-width eyeliner is ideal for women who wear makeup every day and want a look that hovers somewhere between natural and bold.
  • Thick eyeliner should only be selected by women who wear a significant amount of makeup each day and are ready to commit to a permanently bold makeup look. Due to the skin of the eyelids limitations, we cannot safely tattoo an extremely thick line to the eyelid area.

Keep in mind that you can always add to your permanent eyeliner, but you can’t take anything away. So if you’re unsure how thick of a line to request, start thin. If you eventually want to add more drama or boldness for an evening, you can apply makeup over the top of the tattoo.


Why do you need a second appointment and what happens then? 

It's easier to add than it is to take away, and that is why the procedure is always done in two appointments.  It's Important that the eyeliner is slightly underdone in the first session leaving room to make them thicker and darker in your follow up appointment. During your follow up appointment, the shape and colour are fine-tuned.

It takes a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic tattoo artist to get that fine-tuning just right, that’s why your safe in Melissa's hands.