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April 23, 2017
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June 8, 2017

Melissa Carr Changing Lives

Meet Melissa Carr one of New Zealand's leading Cosmetic and Medical Tattooist's who changes people's lives - every day. An inspired lady with lofty goals, Melissa has the vision of making a positive impact on every client she sees by providing quality services and exceptional care.

Within her well-equipped clinic Melissa boasts an impressive wall of qualifications, though not content to rest on her laurels she travels offshore at least twice a year to further her career with advanced specialised training so she is always up to date with the latest techniques, technology and knowledge in her field.

Melissa aims to do everything possible to make your experience positive and enlightening, one she anticipates will also change lives forever

The ambience and impression of excellence present in her clinic is also reflected in the tools and materials she uses. Clients can be assured of the finest quality equipment throughout their procedures.

She takes the time required to deliver the best service to each individual client. Her focus is genuinely honed, meticulously considered and totally unique to each client, based entirely on your requirements.

She has earned quite a reputation with micro-pigmentation treatments such as feathered brows, ombré brows, eyeliner and lip tattooing. Melissa sees her services as an essential part of someone's life, especially those who are particularly active and want to maintain lasting makeup, maybe sight impaired or having medical conditions such as hand tremors, alopecia or after cancer treatment etc or for those just wanting to correct natures imbalances with perfectly balanced brows, eyes or lips.

Melissa also works with patients who survive cancer treatment, boosting their self esteem through simulating a 3D nipple and areola after breast reconstruction surgery, with her medical tattooing skills. This has seen her popularity rise among medical professionals through their patient recommendations for her services.

Another sought after procedure she performs is Scalp Micropigmentation - this procedure simulates the look of a hair follicle with cosmetic tattooing, this transforms bald or balding heads into the appearance of a five o'clock shadow. Many of her clients haven’t seen their hairline in many years. Most clients who have had this done experience a new found confidence and a more youthful appearance.

Nothing pleases Melissa more than seeing a client shine after receiving one of her specialised treatments, "it's amazing to see the transformation of someone's self esteem after one of my treatments and the profound effect that has on their lives" says Melissa.

Melissa invites you to view the many examples of her work and to read more about these treatments by visiting her website or call 021 187 2661 to book a no obligation consultation with her.

Melissa Carr
Melissa Carr
As a cosmetic tattoo artist and beauty therapist I am very passionate and committed to excellence in my field. My credentials are second to none having been trained regularly by top international Cosmetic Tattooists and teachers who pioneered the industry over 28 years ago.