If I have SMP will people know I’ve got a head tattoo?
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Permanent Makeup - the benefits of cosmetic tattooing
Permanent Makeup – What really are the benefits of Cosmetic Tattooing
May 11, 2020

SMP is not only beneficial to people with thinning hair or who are showing signs of the various degrees of male/female pattern hairloss, it also has a range of benefits for many other issues like Scar Camouflage. 

SMP is an effective treatment for reducing the visual and psychological impact of scarring caused through various types of Head Surgeries, FUE/FUT Hair Transplants, different forms of Alopecia Birth Marks or just everyday types of accidents we may have throughout our lives. 

Can I keep my scars?

Over the years I have seen loads of scars in various shapes and sizes and it is not necessary to disguise them all. As a highly trained technician I like to use the persons original “battle wounds” wherever possible as this can assist with creating that perfect undetectable natural look. However, some scars are better off being concealed and sometimes the client just wants them gone whilst we are carrying out their SMP. 

Here are some examples of Scar Camouflage:


Is Medical SMP just for scarring?

No, Medical SMP is not only beneficial for disguising scarring in its various forms, it can also be useful for other conditions like Alopecia (various types) as well as for people with birth marks. 

Some examples of these


Can any Tattooist perform this?

It is important to note that this type of SMP is considerably more specialised than your normal male/female pattern baldness SMP as it is dealing with issues resulting from some sort of trauma or skin that is compromised in some way. The skills required to gain results like these are not acquired in a short course but are gained through years of experience in dealing with different skin types and skin conditions. No two scalps behave the same and when you add special conditions into the mix, this is even more so. If you are contemplating getting Medical SMP it is important to do your homework first. You will need to know if the practitioner has got the skills to be able to do what is required successfully. Make sure you have a thorough consultation prior to any work being carried out. Do they have pictures of their own work for you to see for yourself?

Don’t just go to the closest clinic for this type of specialised treatment as they may not have the skill set to achieve a satisfactory outcome.