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Melissa's skills and experience as a cosmetic tattoo artist extend to help those who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery. Using 3D nipple and areola tattooing techniques we provide our clients with the realistic recreations of life like nipples and areola.

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Follow Taryn & Melissa Carr through the cosmetic tattooing procedure

FAQ - Cosmetic Tattooing

1Is cosmetic tattooing suitable for everyone?
Medical conditions and medication determine your suitability for cosmetic tattooing. Other factors that determine your suitability are whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding etc. Although, we will complete very thorough paperwork prior it's important that you disclose anything that may affect your suitability.
2Do you remove all my brows hairs?
I do not remove your brow hairs for the procedure. Brow hairs remain except the hairs outside of the designed shape - removing hairs just as you would if you were plucking your own brows.
3Does it hurt?
The pain is very minimal due to pre numbing creams as well as an aneasthric gel I use, It may feel like a scratch. Most clients tell me plucking brows hairs is more painful than their tattoo procedure.
4What is the downtime?
You can leave the salon after your procedure and go straight back to work. The pinkness usually lasts only an hour or so for brows, eyeliner your eyelids will ‘feel’ a little more swollen than how they actually appear.
5What about your equipment?
My equipment/tools are either disposable hand tools or my machine uses disposable parts, therefore every procedure is done using a brand new needle as well as the attachments, all of which are individually wrapped and sterile, all disposed of after each treatment - as per health and safety requirements.
1How do you choose the colour?
Your skin type will guide Melissa with pigment choice as well as questions she will ask you on the day. Melissa’s range of pigments is vast.
2How long will it last?
Depending on the procedure you have and the technique used your procedure can last from 12 months to 5 years. For the feathered brow technique we recommend a colour boost every 12-18 months.
3What can and can't I do after my procedure?

Proper care following your procedure is necessary to achieve the best results. I will provide you with a detailed aftercare sheet on the day. This will include:

  • Application of either Vaseline or Bepanthen cream depending on which procedure you have.
  • No heavy exercise for 7 days, however you can do low cardio exercise such as weights and walking but no exercise that will cause heavy sweating, this includes saunas.
  • No ocean or pool swimming for a few days.
  • No Retinol/vitamin A products on the brow area for 30 days.
  • Avoid makeup or skin care products near the brows for 7 days, this is easy to get around Melissa will give you tips on the day.
4What about bookings, payment & cancellations?

A $100 deposit is required when booking your treatment to secure your time slot. The remaining is paid in full on 1st initial treatment to secure the follow up treatment takes place. A cancellation fee ($100 deposit) will apply if notice is less than 72 hours. An administration fee of $30 will apply if you change your mind prior to your booking.

As well as weekdays Melissa works Saturdays which are a popular day and book up quickly.

5What happens during the initial consultation?
Consultations are part of the initial treatment which takes 2hrs. We talk about expectations of both the client & treatment. We talk in detail about custom designing YOUR perfect brow taking into consideration Colour, Shape and Balance of your facial features. I pencil them in, then you approve the final design, then chose the pigment colour based on your request and your skin tone and hair colouring by rubbing multiple shades on your forehead to determine the best shade. We do not proceed with treatment unless you are 100% happy to go forward. All this takes about 1hr.