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Cosmetic Tattooing Auckland. Cosmetic Tattooing is the act of implanting pigment into the upper layer of the skin.

Unlike body tattooing, the pigment is different in the fact that over time, wear and ageing of the skin it fades. It will never fade back to nothing but it will fade enough for you to change the colour if you so desire at a later stage in life. Cosmetic Tattooing Auckland is a layering process that often requires two to three procedures for the best possible result.

Not all skin types need to be retouched and hold pigment really well, however some skin types will only absorb a small amount of pigment in any one session, If you are one of these skin types, persevere, you will love the results. Therefore each treatment is done in 2 parts, an Initial Implantation and then a follow up for refining. This is because the skin on your face is very thin and the underlying colour of your skin (the undertone) mixes/reacts with the pigment colour. Which is why we have the follow up treatment. Implantation of pigment is completed, the skin then needs to heal, absorb/metabolise pigment, to then see how it heals with the undertone of your skin. I'll see how much your skin absorbs the pigment and see how much it fades once healed, (fading can be anywhere between 20-40%).

Then with the follow up treatment we make the important changes and give them more depth and hold, as well we can add lengthen to the tail, make the brow thicker etc. Then you will have stunning Brows, Eyeliner, Lips or Beauty spots for anywhere between 12mths - 5yrs depending on the skin type, depending on which procedure you had which type of tattoo method was chosen as well as how well you look after them.

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